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Eutech Instruments-History

ChemChek NZ have supported Eutech Instruments in New Zealand since 1990, and prior to that as Portals Water Treatment NZ Ltd.

Eutech Instruments offer a wide range of Portable and Bench top Water and Waste Water Test Instruments, of which ChemChek NZ have selected core models, and offered Sales and Service Support on these. Any Eutech product can be ordered and indented-just enquire!

Below are exerpts from Eutech Instruments' Website:

Company Profile

Over 15 Years of Product Excellence
Established in 1990, Eutech Instruments is a leading ISO9001-certified company dedicated to the design and manufacture of sensor-based instruments for water quality analysis. A pioneer in the development of ASIC-based (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) instruments and the world’s first Windows® CE-driven colour touchscreen research-grade bench meter, Eutech has gained international recognition for its achievements in sensor technology, software programming and product design. The extensive product line includes instruments with proprietary patents and trademarks.

Commitment to R&D
Underlying Eutech’s strong commitment to R&D is the constant drive by our dedicated team of scientists and engineers to apply the latest technologies to the design and manufacture of advanced instruments that are accurate, consistent, reliable and easy to use. The Eutech R&D team thrives on meeting new technological challenges that simplify laboratory and field analytical procedures. Every Eutech innovation is conceptualised with the user in mind.

Comprehensive Product Line
The result is the creation of a unique line of microprocessor-based instruments and chemical sensor systems that feature signature Eutech intuitive designs that set it apart from other brands in the market. Eutech offers a comprehensive range of laboratory and field instruments for electrochemical and photometric water analysis. This includes continuous on-line process instruments for the monitoring and control of pH, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Redox Potential (ORP), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Temperature, Ion Concentration Analysis, Chlorine and other water quality parameters. Eutech products range from compact pocket testers and portable meters to research-grade benchtop meters and industrial process controllers packed with advanced user-friendly features.

Customer Focus
This consistent demonstration of insight into customer needs and product demands has earned the company consecutive Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering awards for Product Line Strategy. Furthermore, Eutech’s strategic location in the Design and Technology Hub of Asia has propelled the company to produce cutting edge instruments at competitive prices. Driven by a successful Total Customer Satisfaction Program incorporated in the ISO9001:2000 Quality System, all products undergo extensive testing and calibration by a qualified team of technical experts. Stringent quality control measures guarantee consistency, durability and performance. Eutech products are certified to comply with various global testing standards.

Forging New Frontiers in Water Analysis
Underlying Eutech’s objective to be a world leader in the field of water analysis instrumentation, the company adopts a proactive stand in anticipating the needs of the industry. With increasing global awareness and concern for water quality, the future provides new and exciting challenges and opportunities. To realise the potential of advanced water analytical technologies, Eutech will continue to forge close links and strategic alliances with the research institutions, government agencies and private sector firms worldwide. These efforts support the Eutech mission – to make technology easy to use with cutting edge instruments.

Global Reach
Eutech products are marketed in over seventy countries worldwide, through an extensive network of associate companies and distributors, with manufacturing facilities in Singapore and Malaysia. Eutech Instruments Singapore has a full fledged value-chain operation which comprises R&D, manufacturing, marketing, customer service and logistics for worldwide support to customers.

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Eutech Instruments-History
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